10 Procedural Texts Examples

Procedural texts are writings containing instructions detailed in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step layout. As suggested by this name, such texts are designed to provide readers with instructions on how best to carry out specific procedures. Today, the internet is flooded with these non-fictional texts from various niches as people increasingly embrace DIY projects. Attributes of Procedural …

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10 Syllepsis Examples (With Explanations)

Have you read a sentence in which the use of a particular word or phrase came across as a proverbial stone cast to kill two birds? Then you have definitely dealt with Syllepsis.  These amazing rhetorical devices may make you read the statement twice to confirm whether they make grammatical sense. Surprisingly, the statements pass …

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10 Most Popular Pop Culture Allusion Examples

We use so many allusions in our pop culture even without realizing it.  Allusions are the direct or indirect references we make to something, which could be mythical, historical, religious, or literary.  As a literary device, we use allusions to condense a great deal of meaning into a word or phrase.  So, the references are …

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7 Examples of Ethos in Literature

Examples of Ethos in Literature

We ask for advice and purchase services from people who we believe are credible. Some go to the extent of checking past customers to ascertain the individual’s credibility. This credibility or character is referred to as ethos.  It shows that you are honorable, trustworthy, and understand your service. Aristotle coined the word Ethos when explaining …

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10 Examples of Pragmatics in linguistics

Examples of Pragmatics in linguistics

What’s the meaning of the phrase “Stop burning bridges after crossing the river?” Semantically, it means setting a bridge ablaze after crossing. But it is not logical to burn a bridge after using it. So, there is a deeper meaning of the statement than the literal meaning. Well, the long and short of it is …

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Fahrenheit 451 Discussion Questions

Differences between Fahrenheit 451 Book and Movie 1966

What is the difference between Fahrenheit 451 book and movie? Fahrenheit 451 is a 1953 novel written by Ray Bradbury. A film based on the book was later released in 1966 with Francois Truffaut as the director. Whenever a film is adapted from a book, there are slight variations or changes that are often made, …

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