Fun Southern vs Northern Words Quiz

There is a distinct difference between the English language and slang that is spoken amongst the Southerners and Northerners.

The differences have for long been a source of pride for either Southerners or Northerners in terms of delineating themselves from the rest.

It is essentially the use of language as an expression of identity, aimed to forge that sense of belonging.

The differences may be a source of confusion but may also be things to look out for if you are out to know how best to engage someone.

When you are interacting either with a Southerner or Northerner, it is important to look out for words and phrases and confirm their meaning to avoid misunderstanding others or getting yourself misunderstood.

You may also be neither a Northerner nor a Southerner but you feel you have got hung of their language, phrases, and vocabulary.

Either way, just how well versed are you about the differences between Southern and Northern phrases and vocabulary? Let’s find out through this fun Southern vs Northern words quiz:

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The differences between Southern and Northern words are classical as much as they are hilarious. They make what Southerners and Northerners are.