How Many Oreos Are in a Family Pack?

For more than a century, Oreo snacks have dominated the market. The dark chocolate cream biscuits are a favorite for both children and adults.

 The primary nutritional value of Oreo is fats and calories, with one piece producing about 50 calories.
Fresh milk is an excellent accompaniment to this snack.

Before we look at how many Oreos are in a family pack, let’s find out the standard number of Oreos a person should take in a day.

Oreos come in two different sizes: the original size that weighs about 12 grams and the thin size that weighs approximately 9 grams.

Nutritional experts recommend that a child take a maximum of 100 calories a day, excluding fruits and vegetables.

An adult should take between 250-300 calories in a day, but if you are active in sports, you can take up to 500 calories.

How Many Oreos Are in a Family Pack?

There are three different packs of Oreo:

  • The small family pack with 36 cookies
  • The medium family pack with 39 cookies
  • The large family pack with 48 cookies

To pick a suitable package for your family, you should consider the number of children and the number of adults in the family.

How Many Oreos Should a Child Take in a Day?

A standard Oreo contains 50 calories. A child should take a maximum of 100 calories in a day.

To get the number of Oreos a child should take, we calculate the number of Oreos that contain 100 calories

1 Oreo snack has 50 calories

To get 100 calories=( 100×1)/50

=2 Oreo snacks

A child should take two medium Oreo snacks a day

The giant oreo contains 75 calories. A child should take one piece.

How Many Oreos Should an Adult Take in a Day?

An adult should take a maximum of 300 calories of snacks in a day

How many Oreos contain 300 calories?


=6 Oreo snacks

For those adults who are active in sports, 500 calories of snack are enough.

Number of Oreos = (500×1)/50

=10 Oreo snacks

For large size Oreos, an adult should take 4-7 pieces in a day

Which Family Pack Has Enough Cookies For Your Family?

The Oreo family pack you choose for your family will depend on the following factors:

  • Number of children in the family
  • Number of adults in the family
  • How many adults are active in sports among the family members

Consider a family of 4, two children, and two adults. How many Oreos should they take in a day?

Two children will take (2×2) medium pieces, while adults will take (6×2) Oreos. That is a total of 10 Oreos per day.

 The medium family pack of 36 standard pieces should last the family for two days.

Suppose one of the adults is an athlete, the number of Oreos enough for the family in a day will be:

  • (2×2)+6+10 =20 cookies

A medium pack of standard Oreos with 39 pieces will last the family two days.