How Many Tablespoons in Ranch Packet?

For most of America, nothing beats ranch as a seasoning option.

With its creamy blend of garlic, buttermilk, salt spices, and fragrant herbs, its rich tangy flavor is a treasure.

In homes and restaurants, it is widely used for salad dressing or for dipping chips, pizza, vegetables, egg rolls, and cheese curds.  

So, it’s not surprising that many ranch lovers may want to know how many tablespoons a packet of ranch holds.

This is great to know, for example, if you are making a particular recipe or want to know what amount is enough for your family.

 Or maybe you want to follow dietary guidelines which may give quantities in terms of tablespoons.

Since there are many companies and brands of ranch, the packets may vary in size. Also, different formulations are made to give a variety of flavors and recipes. 

The best-known salad dressings are from Hidden Valley Ranch dressing packets who originally came up with ranch. 

Ranch packets are used to package the dry mix of the ranch seasoning.  The quantities are usually indicated in the packets either in terms of grams or tablespoons.

Keep in mind that grams can be converted into tablespoons. The tablespoon quantity of the contents depends on the density which differs from one content to another. 

For example, granulated sugar of 20 grams would give you 1.59 tablespoons.

The same amount (20 g) of evaporated milk would give you 1.27 tablespoons.

The difference comes due to the different densities of granulated sugar from evaporated milk.

In the same way, different ranch packets may be formulated differently giving different densities which will yield different numbers of tablespoons. 

Ranch Packets in the market

Here are the various ranch packet sizes and tablespoons they yield:

  • The 2 oz. Hidden Valley Original Ranch Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix packet gives a serving size of 0.25 tablespoons (0.8 g).  Each of its containers carries 36 servings. There is also a prepared version of this which is prepared with mayonnaise and whole milk and has a serving of 2 tablespoons (0.8g) 
  • The 9 oz. Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dip Mix gives a serving of 0.5 tablespoons (1.8g). There is also a prepared version that gives 2 tablespoons serving size which also amounts to 1.8 g equal to 2 tablespoons.
  • The Hidden Valley Harvest Dill Dips Mix with soy and milk has a serving of 0.5 tablespoons which is 0.9 g. It can be used to make 16 fl oz or 2 cups by adding sour cream. 
  • The Hidden Valley 1.1 oz. Fiesta Ranch Dips Mix (1.1 oz) which is for creamy dips with veggies and chips has a serving size of 1.9 grams which equals 0.5 tablespoons.
  • The Original Spicy Ranch Salad Dressing and Seasoning Mix which is used for salads, meat, and side dishes, comes at 0.8 g per packet which is equal to 2 tablespoons. 

Now that you know ranch packets and their tablespoon equivalents, mixing your recipes should be a brisk and accurate process for your favorite dishes. You won’t have to let the matter of measurements and conversions get in the way of a tasty ranch treat.