Hunters Education Test Quiz & Answers

Safe hunting should be everyone’s goal because it does not just guarantee your safety but also those of other parties who may be involved directly or indirectly.

Before you head out for any hunting trip, therefore, it is important to educate yourself and understand things that you should do to stay safe during the trip.

Remember that you will be using firearms and other weapons to hunt, all of which increase the chances of injury. You will also be hunting in the wild and aggressive animals may attack you.

To ensure that you have adequate knowledge of what safe hunting entails, we’ve designed a quick quiz to tease you and perhaps let you know how well you know about safe hunting.

The quiz is designed to expose you to the basics of safe hunting practices afield—and not to trick you into failing. So, if you cannot answer one question, simply move to the next!

And once you hit the submit button, you’ll have an opportunity to see the answers to the questions that proved to be a bit challenging.

Ready to start the quiz? Let’s Go!

What is the direction that the compass needle always points towards?

The percentage of federal tax that is charged on sporting ammunition, archery equipment and sporting arms is?

What is the likeliest cause of firearm explosion?

The bore diameter of a shotgun is also referred to as:

Which is the most appropriate bullet to use for rifles that have tubular magazines?

Most accidents that happen when hunting from a tree stand occur at what point.

Which safety harness is most recommended for enhancing safety while hunting from a treestand?

Which of the following considerations should a safe hunter make after they have zeroed in on their target just before they take a shot?

The Federal agency that oversees the wildlife agencies charged with hunting projects at the state level is referred to as?

Safe hunting involves leaving your plan with ______ before you leave for your hunting trip?

When you lose track of a blood trail during hunting, you should?

What should a hunter do to indicate their location in case they need rescue?

Which of the following is not required of a safe hunter while they're handling a firearm?

Which of the following considerations should an ethical hunter make?

Which items should never miss in the survival pack of a safe hunter?

Did you enjoy our hunters education test quiz and answers? How well have you fared with the quiz?

As aforementioned, this is just a teaser to trigger your desire to know more about safe hunting.

If you have gotten anything from this quiz let it be that you now appreciate more the need for finding additional information about safe hunting.

Remember, knowing more about safe hunting is not just for the interest of other parties, it also safeguards you as well.