70s Disco Trivia Questions and Answers

What was the country of origin of AC/DC band before they went international?

Which 1971 single became the best-selling in the United Kingdom? (Hint: The song was done by George Harrison)

Select the two bands that were at the height of their success and international fame in the mid-70s.

The three genres that make up progressive rock music include?

The chart-topping hit “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?” was produced by which English Australian group?

This female artist won three Academy Awards. (Hint: she came from Australia).

When did Freddie King die?

Which domestic animal inspired a dance move during the disco era?

The dance move that began in the 70 break dance was referred to as?

What is the title of the film that catapulted disco music across the globe in 1977?

The popular line that was done to disco music was commonly referred to as?

What was the name of the album that Michael Jackson released in 1979, which had several dance songs and also won a Grammy Award?

Which design of trousers was highly popular during the disco era of the 70s?

The hairstyle that Farrah Fawcett popularized among the dancing disco babes was known as?

Robin, Maurice and Barry were three brothers who were featured in a highly successful disco group in the 70s that was referred to as?

Which of these musicians is claimed to have started the disco dance clubbing environment?

Which television show rode on the popularity of disco music?

Which of these musicians became successful by singing sensual disco songs?

What was the real name of Donna Summer?

What was the distinguishing feature of disco clubs in the 70s?