Fun Bartender Quiz on Drinks

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1. When you serve a drink at room temperature and with no chilling or icing you say the drink is?

2. What are the two ingredients that you use to make a martini?

3. You serve brandy in what type of glass?

4. What do you use to crush fruit?

5. What cocktail additives derived from roots and herbs can you use to make a classic martini and a Manhattan?

6. What fortified wine would you find in Manhattan and Martini?

7. What is the correct mixture of Manhattan?

8. How do you estimate the proof of alcohol?

9. Which old-school drink is made up of champagne with a sugar cube and angostura bitters and the finished off with a lemon twist?

10. Which drink was created in the 40s and is made up of one shot of heavy cream, one shot of coffee liqueur and two shots of vodka?

11. Why would you put bitters such as Angostura in a cocktail?

12. What is the purpose of dry-shaking a drink?

13. What is “well gin with tonic and lime”?

14. In which classic cocktails would julep strainer be appropriate?

15. Which ingredients are absent in a classic Bloody Caesar?