Hunters Education Test Quiz & Answers

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What is the direction that the compass needle always points towards?

The percentage of federal tax that is charged on sporting ammunition, archery equipment and sporting arms is?

What is the likeliest cause of firearm explosion?

The bore diameter of a shotgun is also referred to as:

Which is the most appropriate bullet to use for rifles that have tubular magazines?

Most accidents that happen when hunting from a tree stand occur at what point.

Which safety harness is most recommended for enhancing safety while hunting from a treestand?

Which of the following considerations should a safe hunter make after they have zeroed in on their target just before they take a shot?

The Federal agency that oversees the wildlife agencies charged with hunting projects at the state level is referred to as?

Safe hunting involves leaving your plan with ______ before you leave for your hunting trip?

When you lose track of a blood trail during hunting, you should?

What should a hunter do to indicate their location in case they need rescue?

Which of the following is not required of a safe hunter while they're handling a firearm?

Which of the following considerations should an ethical hunter make?

Which items should never miss in the survival pack of a safe hunter?