Tricky Chemistry Questions with Answers for Chemistry Die-Hards

Everything that we see, smell, touch, and taste involve chemistry in one way or another.

Things like why baking bread smells delicious, why some people are allergic to certain foods, why glass is harder than many people think, why rubber is technically one single polymerized molecule, and why leaves change color in the fall among others can only be explained using chemistry concepts.

Even if you are not employed or work as a chemist, having a basic understanding of chemistry can open for you many doors—food industry, medical, publishing, education, chemical, and more.  

In other words, interest and understanding of chemistry can be transferred to many fields beyond the realm of science.

Like any other subject out there, one of the best ways to remain up to date with basic chemical concepts is to play fun chemistry trivia.

Trivia questions contain a lot of interesting facts that are depicted in challenging but very exciting ways.

In particular, our tricky chemistry questions contain a lot of intriguing concepts about chemistry that can go a long way in helping you understand how much you really know about this noble science.

Don’t worry if you can’t remember a concept or fail to answer a given quiz correctly because we’ll reveal answers for you immediately you hit the “submit” button!

Ready to try our Tricky chemistry questions with answers? Start the quiz!

Which of the following is the most abundant amino acid in natural proteins?

Mercury is known to be the only metal that is a liquid at normal room temperature and pressure. Which of the following elements can also be a liquid under these conditions?

The following halogenated agents are commonly used in medicine as anaesthetics. Which one is rarely used outside pediatrics because it is believed to cause idiosyncratic severe liver injury?

Which of the following elements is matched with a wrong symbol?

Who is credited with the discovery of the first nuclear fission reaction in 1938?

Which of the following noble gases has stable isotopes?

Which of the following was the first artificially produced element?

Which of the following statements about osmium is not true?

Which of the following element names came from mythology?

Which of the following proteins is most abundant in the human body?

Which of the following is not a diatomic molecule?

Which of these elements was the newest to be discovered and synthesized?

What is the world’s strongest acid?

Which of the following elements was not made during the Big Bang Theory?

Which of the following chemicals is not used in cloud seeding (or production of artificial rain)?

Which of the following chemicals causes Minamata disease?

Which of the following minerals cannot be used as an abrasive?

Which of the following metals is considered to be the softest?

How did you find our Tricky chemistry questions with answers? Is your grasp of chemistry as heavy as plutonium or as light as helium?

Well, the most important thing is that you had fun playing the quiz! How about if you challenge those friends and colleagues who claim to be chemistry polymaths?