What does Dsb mean on Snapchat? (+ How & When to Use Examples)

Slang changes so often that it can be hard to keep up. You may find yourself confused when something new is said to you that you’ve never heard before.

Often times it could also be quite embarrassing to feel as though you’re not up to speed with everyone else.

No matter what the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

There are a lot of new words, phrases, or abbreviations being created every single day.

 One of the abbreviations you may have found yourself confused about is “dsb” on Snapchat.

The abbreviation, which means “don’t snap back”, is used when someone no longer wants replies from the people they are talking to or those who follow their Snapchat stories.

What are some examples of why and how someone would use this abbreviation?

People would use this abbreviation when they don’t want anyone messaging, or snapping them.

Perhaps someone is trying to get some sleep because it’s late and they’ve been responding for hours to those messaging them. They might put out a story to everyone as a whole telling them not to snap back.

“Had a long day, heading to sleep now. Goodnight everyone, dsb.”

Another reason could be that something happened within that person’s personal life and they just don’t want to talk about it, or anything, with anyone. They need alone time.

“Not having the best day and received some horrible news. Dsb.”

Are there any other abbreviations like Dsb?

Yes! Another abbreviation, similar to dsb while also being the exact opposite is “esb.”

This abbreviation is also used on Snapchat but this time it is telling people they want them to snap back, rather than telling them not to.

These two could easily be confused because of how similar they sound to each other, but it’s not a mixup you want to make. This one may have your phone ringing for quite some time.

Closing Thoughts

Although, slang is a bit confusing if you’re not completely caught up, it could be a really good indicator in examples such as this one where someone didn’t want anyone talking to them for the time being.

Other slang such as “LOL” proves to be much easier to remember than “esb” or “dsb” because it’s been around for so much longer.

But since slang changes day in, day out there shouldn’t be any shame of not knowing, or understanding, a word or phrase.