What does Esb mean on Snapchat? (+ How to Use Examples)

Have you ever found yourself tapping through Snapchat stories and came across an abbreviation someone used that you just didn’t know?

In all truth, new words and phrases are invented every day to accommodate someone else’s feelings, needs, or convenience. Sometimes, everyone ends up using it.

A common abbreviation used on Snapchat is “Esb.”

This abbreviation means “everyone snaps back” and can be used for a number of different reasons that are subjective to the person posting it.

Snapping back on a story is the same as replying or messaging that person. This is particularly done by scrolling up on that story, typing out a message, and sending it.

Why would someone use this abbreviation?

Someone would use this abbreviation, perhaps, if they were bored and looking for someone to talk to.

Another reasoning could be because they’re trying to get an opinion, or looking for new friends.

No matter what the situation is, the abbreviation is implying they want people to talk to them or they need someone to talk to.

From now on, if you’re ever looking for someone to talk to out of boredom or for a more particular reason, just use ESB!

It is also a much more efficient way of displaying a message so you don’t have to type “Everyone Snapback” out on your story.

What are some examples of how a person would use this abbreviation?

Some examples ranging from looking for friends, asking for opinions, and boredom are shared below.

Looking for new friends! ESB!”

“Should I get this dress for the dance on Saturday? ESB.”

“ESB, I’m bored and need someone to talk to. “

Are there any other abbreviations like “Esb”?

Yes, there is.

Another abbreviation incredibly similar to this one is “Dsb.”

Though it sounds and is spelled much alike, there is a major difference between the two and they’re practically opposites.

“Dsb” means don’t snap back and is used when someone doesn’t want any replies to their story. This is said because of sleep, sadness, or the simple desire of being alone.

Learn More here: What does Dsb mean on Snapchat?

Closing Thoughts

ESB can be a really confusing abbreviation to learn and use, and it is very easy to get DSB mistaken for it as well.

But it proves to be much more efficient, up to speed with new slang, and helpful for a number of different reasons.

There are so many different ways to use this abbreviation, all of which will serve you well.

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