What Does nm wbu Mean In Texting? (+Examples of Usage)

If you love chatting with friends or relatives, it is essential to arm yourself with knowledge about some of the most common internet acronyms and slang.

This will go a long way in helping you understand what the people you are chatting with are saying and how to speak their language.

What’s more, there are instances when acronyms may find their way into business meetings or marketing reports. This makes mastering a few even more crucial because it will help you become better at your job.

In today’s post, we will focus on a common acronym that people through around when texting or chatting: NM WBU

So, what does nm wbu mean in texting?

Well, let’s begin with what acronyms mean in full:  

NM = Not Much

WBU= what about you.

The abbreviations can be used separately in conversations. However, most people use them as one.

If you are too lazy to write or need to get the message across fast, the abbreviations will come in handy.

The Meaning of Nm Wbu

Nm wbu is a polite and easy way to say that you are good and nothing worth reporting has been going on in your life.

They can also be used to inquire how the other party has been doing.

Nm wbu is usually part of the greetings before parties get deeper into the conversation. 

The Use of NM WBU

Since it is more of a slang abbreviation, it is only used in casual conversations among friends and close relatives.

In most cases, people inquire how their friends are doing before introducing another subject into the conversation. This is the perfect time to use nm wbu.

Since the abbreviation stands for a whole sentence, most users do not incorporate it into another sentence.

It is a response to a question asked by the other party. However, it provides a reply and asks the question for the other party to answer. In essence, it is both a reply and a question in one.

Nm wbu does not have any other meaning besides the literal one. However, it can be used to talk less to a chatty friend who is always looking for details about one’s life.

In this case, it does not give any details of what the person has been up to. However, if the responding party wants to share a few details of what they have been to, this abbreviation may not fit the conversation.

Instead, they would go on to share the details of events that happened since they last communicated.

Examples of Usage in Sentences

Example 1

Friend#1: You are long lost. What have you been up to?

Friend#2: Nm wbu

Friend#1: Nm too. Was saying hi

Friend#2: Thanks!

In the above example, Friend#1 asks Friend#2 a question. Friend#2 answers with an abbreviation in full. Friend#1 responds with a part of the abbreviation.

The use of the abbreviation in both cases shows that nothing worth reporting has been happening in both of their lives.

Example 2

Friend#1: You have been so silent. What have you been up to?

Friend#2: nm wbu?

Friend#1: I started the business I was telling you about.

Friend#2: Woow, congrats!

In this example, the abbreviation nm wbu has been used to bring up a subject that would most likely dominate the conversation.

It is a great way to get the other party to open up to the reason for starting the conversation.

Closing Thoughts

There are no easier acronyms that you can use instead of Nm wbu. It is polite, short, and easy to understand.

You can use it in any conversation without the possibility of coming out as rude, lazy, or being misunderstood.

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