What Does STFU Mean On Snapchat? (+ How to Use Examples)

Snapchat users are always looking for new slang to send the message across without having to write every word.

If you are a regular user of the platform, it is good to learn some of the popular acronyms so that it is easy for you when chatting with friends.

These abbreviations also work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Whatsapp, among other messaging platforms.

This post will focus on the meaning of STFU and how you can use it in your Snapchat conversations.

The meaning of STFU

STFU means “Shut the Fuck Up.”

 It is a direct and often rude way to tell the other party to stop the conversation.

You must be angry with the party and don’t want them to continue talking at this point in the conversation.

Due to the direct rudeness and the often derogatory connotation attached to it, you should use the statement to your friends and people who would not mind the language.

How to use STFU

STFU represents a whole sentence. Therefore, most people will not include any other sentence besides it.

In most cases, it is an interjection in a conversation to show displeasure with the actions of the other party.

It is also a reprimand for sharing some private information or end a particular conversation.  

Therefore, it can be used at the start of the conversation, in the middle, and in the end. 

Beware: the use of STFU may give rise to a negative reaction from the other party in the conversation.

Examples of STFU

Example 1

Mary: I told him that you were in love with James

Jane: You should learn to STFU!

Mary: Sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt you.

In this conversation, Jane is mad at Mary for sharing her love secrets with James.

She feels that this may ruin her relationship or friendship with James.

Mary realizes that doing so was a mistake and immediately apologizes to her friend.

Example 2

Cecelia: Overweight dudes are just horrible to hangout with. They are not fun to play with.

Judy: Would you STFU! It is wrong to body-shame others.

Cecelia: Oooh! Cool down! I am just giving a personal opinion.

In the second example, Judy is angry with her friend for body-shaming plump guys.

She uses the abbreviation to caution her to stop the conversation.

Judy feels it is wrong to body shame others for their body sizes. However, Cecelia retaliates that that was her personal opinion.

Example 3

Friend#1: I have to leave you. Start counting the number of times we have fought over this!

Friend#2: Would you STFU! You also have so many shortcomings that I have endured.

In this conversation, Friend#1 is telling Friend#2 why the relationship has to end.

Friend#2 wants to hear none of that and retaliates that the partner also has several shortcomings that they have endured.

The use of STFU in this sentence is meant to stop the conversation on that topic.

Other words you can use in place of STFU

You could use other acronyms to say the same thing as STFU, including:

  • SYF: Shut Your Face
  •  SYM: Shut Your Mouth
  • STHU: Shut the Hell Up.

However, none of the words is polite to the other party. Therefore, only use them with the appropriate audience to stop complicating the conversation.

Closing Thoughts

STFU is a common word used in Snapchat conversations among friends.

The most popular g users are teenagers and young adults who do not mind the strong language.

If you have such friends on Snapchat, it does not hurt to tell them to keep quiet using this abbreviation.

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