What Does STGU Mean? (+Examples in Conversation)

In most messaging platforms, users are looking for ways to pass the message without typing the entire sentence.

The use of abbreviations saves time and gets the message across quite fast.

New abbreviations come into the limelight quite often. To keep you updated, we’ll look at a common abbreviation that many people use in their texts or messages: STGU.

So, what does STGU mean?

Well, STGU means Shut the Gay Up. It has the same meaning as Stop Acting Gay and is easier said as Stop with the Gay Shit.

However, the rest of the words are not made into abbreviations. Therefore, STGU covers all these words.

STGU is a rude way of telling the other party to stop being so negative.

In urban language, being gay means being negative in everything. The word gay can also be used to show that the party is acting retarded.

Rather than trying to tell them all these things in several sentences, STGU condenses the information into one abbreviation.

This abbreviation is common among adolescents and young adults who are free and speak out what they think about topics discussed in a conversation.

You will find it in various messaging apps such as Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. The meaning is the same across these messaging apps.

How Do You Use STGU in Conversations?

STGU is usually a response to something that the other party has said in the course of the conversation.

Therefore, it is generally used in the middle or at the end of the conversation.

Since the abbreviation stands for a complete sentence, it is not generally used as a part of a sentence but on its own. However, the user may decide to add other sentences below it.

When used in a sentence, STGU shows that the other party has pissed off the person using the abbreviation.

It can be an instant conversation stopper or evoke strong emotions from the other party.

 Therefore, it is good that you use it with the appropriate audience to maintain the friendship.

Examples of STGU in Conversations

Example 1

James: I wouldn’t say I like the way Mary acts in front of the teachers. Who does she think she is?

John: STGU! She is just being herself

James: Sorry! I did not mean any harm

In this conversation, James expresses his disappointment with Mary for her actions in front of his teachers in school.

However, John sees it as being overly negative and asks him to stop the gay shit.

James responds by saying he meant no harm and it was his personal opinion.

Example 2

Mary: I do not believe there is anything like mental illness without symptoms. Most people just act out and pretend not to be mentally sound.

Lucy: STGU!

Mary: Sorry!

Lucy: Do your research and see the different types of mental illnesses. It would be unfair to describe people who are mentally sick as acting out.

In this conversation, Lucy is irked by the way Mary describes the mentally sick.

In this context, STGU is used to ask the other party to stop being retarded.

Obviously, Mary had not researched mental illness before making her statement, making her sound retarded.

Parting Thoughts

The abbreviation STGU is commonplace among hip young adults who would like to show their displeasure in a few words. 

This acronym is not polite and may sound negative if the other party is actually gay in their sexual orientation.

However, most young adults would just laugh it off and realize that their statement earlier had hurt the other party.

Do you have a group of close buddies you chat with on everything? STGU could make it easy to describe your displeasure with some of their opinions.

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