10 Examples of Rhombus in Real Life

A rhombus is a quadrilateral (four-sided figure) with four equal sides.

The word was adapted from the Greek word ‘rhombos,’ which means spinning. It looks like a parallelogram but with each side equal to the rest.

The four angles of a rhombus do not necessarily have to be 90 degrees. This means that all squares are rhombuses but not every rhombus is a square.

In a rhombus, the sum of two angles that are adjacent to each other equals 180 degrees, and diagonals bisect at the center of the shape. Besides, opposite angles are congruent.

Various applications out there make use of this shape. Without further ado, here are ten examples of rhombus in real life.

1. Mitsubishi Logo

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is an automaker that is based in Japan.

The logo of this company comprises three rhombuses attached such that they share the same vertex.

The upper rhombus looks like a kite while the two at the bottom meet at the top corner.

The company has been successful over decades. Therefore, you are likely to see the logo across all roads around the world.

2. Diamonds

Diamonds are naturally occurring minerals mined from volcanic areas around the world. They are also the hardest naturally occurring substances.

If you look at a diamond from the side, you will notice the equal sides of the quadrilateral. All the sides of the diamond have the same look.

 You will also find the rhombus shape if you look at the diamond drawn in playing cards.

3. Skyscrapers

Various buildings around the globe have a rhombus-like shape when looked at from the top or the side.

 Any building that is shaped like a diamond is a rhombus. Some of the buildings shaped like rhombuses include the Adidas building in Herzogenaurach and Chicago’s Crain Communications Building.

4. Jewelry

Various pieces of jewelry and accessories are rhombus-shaped. Popular among them include earrings, necklaces, and pendants.

The intricate, diamond-like shape gives these pieces of jewelry a playful edge and a distinctive look.  

Some pieces have intricate rhombus shapes intertwined alone or with other shapes to make a big rhombus.

 Rhombus-shaped jewelry can be made with any material, including wood, precious stone, plastic, and metal.

5. Road Signs and Sign Boards

In most countries’ traffic regulations, diamond-shaped signs are used to signify warnings. They tell you what you should not do or beware of when using the road.

They are also used in construction sites or industries where there is a risk of falling materials or moving machines.

All the sides of the diamonds showing these signs are equal, making each a rhombus.

6. Carpet and Mat Designs

The rhombus is a popular design for many doormats and floor carpets.

Most of the designers mix various colors of these rhombuses to create a diamond or 3D effect.

These rhombuses come in an array of sizes and different vertexes as per your preference.

A rhombus knit or printed mat is an awesome addition to your home and office decor.

7. Tiling

Tiles are some of the most popular flooring options in the market today. You can go for ceramic, porcelain, cement, and slate tiles in various sizes and smoothness.

While there are multiple shapes in the market, the most popular ones are rhombus-shaped. The shape can be layered in multiple vertexes and sizes to bring out different designs.

8. Rhombus-Shaped Garden Tools

Various gardening tools are shaped like a rhombus. Popular among them includes the dustpan, shovel, trowels, garden hoe, spade, and plastering tools. Handles are usually attached at the center of one of the sides.

The rhombus shape allows the user to press it hard into the ground or collect matter with ease and provides enough surface area to carry whatever you are transferring, such as when collecting compost, transplanting seeds, or moving soil.

9. Kite

While there is a kite shape in geometry, most children and commercial kite makers create kites with equal sides.

Most common designs make use of four equal sticks to make a square. Then two diagonals that intersect at the middle reinforce the four sticks.

A tail is added at one of the pointed edges of the kite to give it a dramatic feel when flowing against the wind. Users attach a string at the intersection of the diagonals to control the kite.

10. Pastries

Various types of pastries are shaped like rhombuses, with the most popular ones being cakes and cookies.

To come up with a rhombus shape, you need to have a similarly shaped cookie cutter or a holding container for the case of cakes. These baking accessories are easily found at the stores.

In the same breath, most cheese shapes are rhombuses. You can cut the cheese into several thin slices to come up with several rhombus-shaped pieces for use in your cooking.


There you have it; 10 excellent examples of rhombus in real life. You are likely to find many more as decorations, furniture, food items, window, and door glazing, among others.

Generally, the rhombus is a pretty strong shape for making support structures and can be reinforced by adding diagonals.

 It also looks good, making it the number one choice of geometric shape for decorating other pieces at home and the workplace.