9 Examples of Equilateral Triangles in Real Life

An equilateral triangle has all three sides equal. To achieve this, all the interior angles are equal too. Therefore, each interior angle is 60 degrees.

Like other types of triangles, it obeys the Angle Sum Property of triangle, which implies that the sum of its interior angles is equal to 1800.

In some circles, an equatorial traingle is also referred to as a regular triangle or regular polygon because all of its sides are equal.  

You can find various items around the home that are made into equilateral triangles. Here are a few of the most popular examples.

1. Road Signs

Examples of Acute Triangle in Real Life

The triangular road signs are used to warn of hazards ahead or the layout of the road. So, it is important that you take note of the warnings shown on them.

They are usually created in a triangle that has a red outline.

 Triangles used to make road signs are equilateral triangles. All the sides are equal, which gives it a near-perfect look by the roadside.

Check for the road signs the next time you are driving on the road.

2. Pyramids

If you look at a pyramid from any one side, you will notice that all the sides are equal.

It is basically a combination of several equilateral triangles joined at the pinnacle.

The Pyramids of ancient Egypt are more or less the same, with the height almost the same size as the length and breadth.

The marvelous structures have survived thousands of years in great shape.

3. Play, Rewind and Fast-Forward Buttons in Your Remote

The play button of your remote shows a single triangle that is facing right while the fast forward button shows two triangles facing the same direction.

The rewind button is the opposite of the fast-forward buttons.

All these three functions are illustrated with equilateral triangles.

 If you have the old cassette player, the triangles are embedded in the individual play buttons with these functions. Some DVD players also have these buttons.

4. Truss Bridges

Truss bridges are made of steel in the form of triangles to counter the compression forces applied by the weight of items on them. The shape also allows them to distribute the weight across a large area without altering the propositions. This is vital for the stability and durability of the bridge.

These trusses are usually created as equilateral triangles with the height of both sides equal to the length of the base. This is to enhance better weight distribution and equal strength across the bridge.

5. Staircases

A staircase is a long triangle cut into stepping areas to enable users to climb a building. It has two types of triangles: equilateral and right-angled triangles.

While the entire staircase is a right-angled triangle, the triangle created by the tip of the stairs and the general slanting of the staircase is equilateral.

This is because the width of a single stair is equal to its height. You have to look at the staircase from the side to see the triangles.

6. Triangular Tent

A triangular or conventional tent is made of a roofing tent material pegged to the ground. A metal or plastic pole that is dug into the ground lifts the center. A guy line keeps the roof raised at the tip.

 If you look at the tent from either the front or the back, you would notice that both sides of the canvas are equal with the ground distance from one tip of the tent to the other. In addition, the metal pole cuts the distance at the center.

New tent designs may not have a triangular design.

7. Billiard Ball Rack

A billiard ball rack is a piece of equipment that you use to place balls in their starting positions when starting the game.

The triangle fits 15 balls, with each length taking in five balls. Therefore, each of the sides is equal.

You can find the triangle at any entertainment center where there is a game of pool.

 Billiard racks are usually made of metal or polished wood.

8. Roofing

While most roofing forms an obtuse angle at the tip, you will find some buildings with an equilateral triangle. This means that both sides of the roof are equal to the distance between them.

This design is popular with many conventional designs, especially in places where it snows, warehouses, and industrial parks. There are also some detached homes and patio with equilateral triangle roofing designs.

9. Winter Triangle

The Winter Triangle is the imaginary triangle formed by the three brightest stars in the sky during winter. These stars include Procyon, Betelgeuse, and Sirius.

Given that they are the brightest stars in the night sky, it is easy to link the three.

These three stars are best seen in the mid-northern areas of the world during winter but are also visible during early morning in autumn.

If you love to watch the stars, create an equilateral triangle in the night sky with these three stars.

You can also try other imaginary shapes with stars in the cloudless skies.

As you can see, there are plenty of equilateral triangles in real life. A good number of them are architectural projects due to the equilateral triangle’s ability to distribute weight. Keep an eye on the triangular items around you to see if any of them are made of equilateral triangles.

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