10 Quick Examples of Social Phenomena

Why do you like certain foods and not others? Do you like the ideas of Luther King? Who taught you some table manners?

All these ideas and opinions were shaped by other people or experiences, either consciously or as part of your learning process.

Those influences that helped shape your opinions and behaviors are called social phenomena. We shall look at some popular social phenomena and how they affect our lives.

Social phenomena are a sum of all the experiences that you gained in the course of your life.

These experiences helped shape your view of the world in many ways.

Here are 10 examples of social phenomena.

1. Religion

Religion has influenced how people go about their daily duties and their view of the world.

We tend to perceive right or wrong depending on what was taught in our religious classes.

This means that things may be wrong in one religion and not the other.

Religion also shapes our behaviors and reactions towards others.

2. Abuse and Trauma

People who have faced abuse and trauma in the past may have a different opinion on issues relating to relationships, behavior, trust, and independence.

 There have been cases where people turned to violent crime or became narcissists due to their abusive childhood.

On the other hand, trauma causes lasting scars that trigger memories even if the threat is not there.

For example, if you were mugged, you would try to avoid dark alleys and being alone even if you are not in danger.

3. Socialization

Young children grow to behave and think like the people around them.

The social environment may also change the perspective of adults once they join a new society.

What you get to learn from parents, teachers, and people around you forms your socialization and eventually shapes your behaviors and attitudes towards others.

4. Social movements

Social movements sensitize people on their rights, opportunities, and behavior towards repressive issues.

Various social movements during the struggle for independence in Africa helped these countries gain independence.

In America, social movements helped bring equal rights for women and people of color, leading to the recognition of smaller ethnic groups and gay and lesbian communities.

They also shaped people’s attitudes towards these groups.

5. Marriage and Divorce

Marriage strongly influences the couples’ behaviors and attitudes towards life.

People in stable marriages tend to be confident, loving, and kind to others.

However, people in abusive relationships tend to be bitter and apprehensive of others.

The kind of marriage one is in also affects their children and their general view of relationships and quality of life.

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6. Economic Conditions

Economic conditions influence your general outlook and how you perceive other people.

People who have been brought up in extreme poverty can be bitter with society and the rich. They may also be good money managers.

On the other hand, people with plenty may get a sense of entitlement and disregard for others.

7. Education

Education helps change people’s opinions and their worldview. It enlightens people and enables them to appreciate their differences.

 Educating people has helped end tribal conflicts and hatred and led to a common, prosperous future.

Besides, education impacts some theories and specific views of various phenomena causing people to think in a given way.

8. Politics

Politicians influence people’s opinions and reactions to various issues affecting the world around them.

In many cases, the differences in opinions have led to conflicts and all-out wars around the world.

People follow the ideologies of the leaders they like. Unfortunately, some of these ideas are wrong and dangerous. However, others help stabilize society.

9. Relationships

Relationships, whether personal or professional, have a huge impact on the behavior and opinions of an individual.

People tend to follow the general thinking of their group to fit, which influences their behavior.

Breakups and problems in relationships also help shape people’s opinions on the same, self-confidence, and performance in unrelated fields.

10. Death and Grief

Death and grief affect people’s attitudes and their ability to fight future problems.

 Some people are so devastated that they fail to move on and need counseling.

Others use the death of loved ones as motivation to change their lives for the better.

Some people became very religious after losing their loved ones while others get very bitter with the deity and changed faith.

Such decisions further shape the attitudes, behaviors, and opinions of the affected.

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Closing Thoughts

Social phenomena continue to influence our behavior and options daily.

New experiences continue to change our view of the world for better or worse.

We should always learn from each experience to improve yourselves and the world around us.