12 Examples of 3D Shapes at Home

Triangles, squares, and circles are some of the basic shapes we encounter in our day-to-day images.

They have length and width and completely enclose a space.

 They are referred to as two-dimensional (2D) shapes because they only have two dimensions (measurable features) i.e. length and width.

Three-dimensional shapes are those that have three measurable features i.e. length, width, and height.

These shapes are solid forms. Cylinders, cubes, and pyramids are good examples of 3D shapes.

Almost everything we interact with in the real world is a 3D shape.

The following are some examples of 3D shapes at home.

1. Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are helpful for storing items when moving or to avoid clutter.

Storage boxes can be cubes (in which all dimensions are equal) or cuboids (in which only opposite sides are equal) in shape.

They have length, breadth, and height that can be measured.

2. Funnels

Funnels assist in keeping liquids or powders contained when pouring them into containers with small openings.

Funnels are conical in shape. They are 3D shapes with measurable height, length, and breadth.

 The diameter of the circular part of the funnel can be measured to obtain the breadth or length of the funnel.

3. Microwave Oven

Your microwave oven is an example of a cuboid.

Microwave ovens have a length, breadth, and height that you can measure.

Opposite edges on the microwave are equal in measurement. This makes microwave ovens cuboids.

4. Oranges

Oranges are fruits that are rich in vitamin C. These citrus fruits have a round shape. They are spherical in shape.

 Spheres have 3 dimensions that are equal in all directions. The diameter of a sphere is its height, breadth, and length.

5. Food Bowls

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Bowls have a rounded bottom and a flat open top. They are hemispherical in shape. This means that they are not complete spheres.

Their dome shape enables bowls to hold a large volume of food without taking a lot of space on the table.

 They are also perfect for holding liquids and other foods that are difficult to contain on flat plates.

6. Drinking Glasses

Many drinking glasses in the home are cylindrical in shape. They have two circular edges and faces. This shape enables them to hold liquids.

It also provides for a stronger structure. Drinking glasses may have a bottom that is smaller in diameter than the mouth.

7. Soccer Balls

Soccer balls are a great example of a spherical shape in the home.

 Soccer balls are perfectly spherical to ensure they can roll on the ground freely.

Other balls in the home that are also spherical in shape include basketballs, tennis balls, and exercise balls.

8. Paper Towel Rolls

When there’s a spill, many of us reach out for the paper towel roll on autopilot. Paper towel rolls are cylindrical in shape.

They have two circular faces and edges. Tissue paper rolls are also a great example of cylindrical shapes.

9. Slices Of Cake

Slices of cake are an example of a prism in the home. A slice of cake has two triangular faces.

 It also has a height and depth making it a 3D shape.

Other examples of prisms in the home include wedges of watermelon, cheese wedges, and door stops.

10. Water pipes

The pipes that supply your home with water are cylindrical in shape. The pipes have circular faces at both ends and a rounded surface in between.

 The cylindrical shape of the pipes ensures easy flow of water through the pipes. It also provides for greater strength of the pipes.

 It would take a lot more pressure to break or cause a cylindrical pipe to burst in comparison to a similar-sized pipe of a different shape.

11. Throw Pillows

3D shapes don’t always have to be regular shapes. They can also consist of a combination of shapes or be irregular in shape.

Throw pillows have four edges that are equal. This forms a square shape. However, because of their stuffing, they bulge in the middle forming a dome shape.

They have a height, depth, and breadth making them 3D shapes.

12. Doors

Doors are an important part of the structure of our homes. They are used to enclose spaces. They help in creating privacy as well as keeping intruders out.

Your front door is important for the security of your home. Doors come in various shapes and sizes. They all, however, have a height, depth, and length. This makes them 3D shapes.

Examples of 3D Shapes at Home: Conclusion

3D shapes are all around us. Almost everything we interact with in real life is a 3D shape.

You can find many more 3D shapes in your home.

Simply check to see that they have a height, length, and depth no matter how small or large these dimensions are.