5 Lenz’s Law Examples in Real Life

Lenz’s Law is a fundamental law of electromagnetism that describes the direction of an induced electric current in a conductor when the magnetic field around it changes. It states that the direction of the induced current is such that it opposes the change in the magnetic field that produced it. Lenz’s Law has important applications …

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11 Angular Velocity Examples in Real-Life

Ever wondered what concept scientists use in the design of engines, turbines, and other rotating machinery, as well as in the study of celestial mechanics, such as the motion of planets and stars? Anyone interested in the mechanics of rotating objects must understand angular velocity. By learning about the properties and characteristics of angular momentum, …

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Cosmology Examples in Real Life

How did the universe come into being? What is its age? What is it made of? How does it work? What is the fate of the universe? These are questions each one of us has asked at some point in life. Interestingly, scientists have joined together to satisfy our curiosity regarding the world around us. …

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11 Concentration Gradient Examples in Real Life

Concentration gradient is a term commonly used in biology and physical chemistry to describe the difference in concentration of a solute between two regions. This difference can occur in cells, tissues, organs, or even solutions outside the body. Concentration Gradient Principle The concentration gradient is based on the principle of diffusion. Diffusion is the natural …

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Incompressible Fluid Examples

Scientifically speaking, a fluid is a substance capable of flowing and deforms when exposed to significant force, taking shape with its surroundings. Fluid molecules are sparsely populated particles in constant random motion as they collide with surrounding surfaces and each other. In contrast, solid molecules are laid in regular patterns and are tightly packed, leaving …

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8 Input and Output Device Examples

Input and Output Device Examples

When you take a photo with your android phone, laptop, or tablet, you add information to the internal storage system in your electronic device. You add written information to your computer by typing on your keyboard, drawing on your screen, or using a scanner. The camera, keyboard, or scanner helps you provide information and control …

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12 Motion Energy Examples in Everyday Life

Motion Energy Examples in Everyday Life

All objects have potential energy stored within them. The amount of potential energy in an object depends on its position in relation to other objects. A trolley at rest has some potential energy caused by its weight. When you push the trolley, you exert force on it, making it move. The moving trolley now has …

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8 Weak Nuclear Force Examples in Daily Life

Weak Nuclear Force Examples in Daily Life

QUICK DEFINATION: Weak nuclear forces are fundamental forces in particle physics responsible for certain types of radioactive decay and interactions between particles. They facilitate processes like beta decay and neutrino absorption, mediating interactions within atomic nuclei involving neutrinos and leptons. BRIEF EXPLANATION: Atoms comprise subatomic particles such as protons, electrons, neutrons, neutrino, and muon. Electrons, …

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