8 Non-Zero Sum Game Examples in Real Life

In 1921, a highly acclaimed French mathematician from the little-known town of Saint-Affrique published a series of papers on what he called ‘The Theory of Games’. Using poker as his research subject, Felix Edouard Emile Borel envisioned a systemic framework for playing games that is today commonly known as Game Theory. The two branches of …

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Knobe Effect Explained

Experimental philosophy is a discipline concerned with understanding human actions, thoughts, and feelings. This philosophical field applies experimental methods to probing underlying psychological phenomena behind people’s actions. As denoted by American philosopher, Aflred Mele, the central aim of experimental philosophy is to internalize the intentionality of human actions. The same can be said about the …

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10 Antifragility Examples

Antifragility Examples

In his highly acclaimed book, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder, Nassim Taleb puts forth the thought of flourishing in chaotic environments. He argues that while resilient beings or systems can withstand chaos, their antifragile counterparts thrive in spite of the chaos. Ideally, this concept denotes that exposure to disorder, shocks, randomness, or volatility allows …

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