7 Examples of Deontology in Business

Examples of Deontology in Business

Deontology is a theory of ethics that suggests that actions can either be bad or good when judged based on a clear set of rules. This theory suggests that actions that follow the set of prescribed rules are ethical or good and those that do not are considered unethical or bad. The word is derived …

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10 Operant Conditioning Examples in the Classroom

Operant conditioning is a learning method that seeks to promote good behavior and discourage negative habits. It uses a system of rewards and penalties to teach that there are consequences for our actions. In behavioral psychology, the operant conditioning theory is critical in comprehending how animals and humans learn new behavior. From instrumental learning experiments, …

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7 Examples of Utilitarianism in Real Life

Examples of Utilitarianism in Real Life

In every society, there are fundamental principles that guide how things are done. These principles point us to expected ethical obligations. Theories that attempt to explain what we are obligated to do are known as ethical theories. Ethics help to clarify expected moral values with respect to right and wrong. Utilitarianism is an ethical theory …

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