Tonicity Examples in Real Life

Tonicity refers to the concentration of solutes on either side of a semipermeable membrane that separates two solutions. It is a fundamental concept in biology used in various physiological processes like osmoregulation and cell communication. What are the different types of toxicity? Types of Tonicity There are three types of tonicity based on the concentration …

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10 Real Life Examples of Combined Gas Law

The combined gas law describes the relationship between the pressure, volume, and temperature of a fixed amount of gas. This law is a combination of three gas laws: Boyle’s law, Charles’ law, and Gay-Lussac’s law. The combined gas law is often used in thermodynamics to analyze the behavior of gases in various conditions, such as …

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11 Real-Life Examples of Ideal Gas Law

Gas behavior is very abstract since it involves countless atoms interacting with each other and their environment. However, scientists have been able to describe the properties of gases by creating laws such as the ideal gas law. The ideal gas law is a mathematical formula that relates pressure, volume, temperature, and the number of particles …

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Precipitation Reaction Examples in Real Life

Chemical reactions occur after two or more reactants counter each other to form new products. In some cases, aqueous reactants combine to form an insoluble salt. Such chemical events are referred to as precipitation reactions given that they bring about the formation of precipitates.  Among the most distinct features of a precipitate is that they …

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10 Examples of Ores

Examples of Ores

Since ancient civilizations, we have been mining ores and/or minerals because they contain a wide of elements that we use in our everyday lives. From ceramics, plaster, chemical filters, salts, construction materials, appliances, cars, computers, fertilizers, and jewelry to electronic components, almost everything that we use is derived from ores and/or minerals. So, without ores/mineral …

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8 Harmful Chemical Reactions in Everyday Life

Harmful Chemical Reactions in Everyday Life

Thousands of chemical reactions take place every day. Many of these are essential for our functioning and health. Others appear to be neutral. However, some are definitely hazardous or even deadly.  These toxic or hazardous chemical reactions can take place at home, at the workplace, or in industrial settings. They can range from anything from …

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7 Examples of Chemical Changes during Cooking

Examples of Chemical Changes during Cooking

Ever since our ancestors discovered fire, they quickly developed a taste for a range of special foods recipes that only became possible with cooking.  For your food to cook and get ready for eating, it needs to undergo some physical and chemical changes. Otherwise, it may prove too unpalatable for your table!  The chemistry involved …

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6 Hess’s Law Applications in Real life

Hess's Law Applications in Real life

As you probably know, chemical reactions always involve heat (energy) changes where you have either endothermic reactions or exothermic reactions. During endothermic reactions, energy is absorbed from the surroundings while it is released into the surroundings during exothermic reactions.  Hess’s law, also referred to as the law of heat summation, looks at what happens to …

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7 Combination Reaction Examples in Everyday Life

Combination Reaction Examples in Everyday Life

The number of chemical reactions occurring around us can run into the untold millions. Fortunately, making sense of these mind-boggling numbers is straightforward since we can classify the reactions into a few easily recognizable types.  For example, a combination reaction is a special category of reactions where two or more substances react together to form …

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