10 Elite Democracy Examples

Elite Democracy Examples

When you think of the idea of democracy, what comes to mind first? Chances are that you are thinking of majority rule! However, democracy isn’t always based on majority rule or majority will as many imagine. Modern democracies can exhibit themselves in many ways. But the most common types of democracies are Participatory, Pluralist, and …

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7 Examples of Pluralism in America

Examples of Pluralism in America

How can people work harmoniously together in the political process despite having diverse religions, interests, cultures, backgrounds, and political opinions (sometimes sharply clashing)? The answer is political pluralism.  Political pluralism is a political theory that advocates for people of diversity to have a say in participating or shaping the political affairs of their country.  This …

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5 Formula Grants Examples

Formula Grants Examples

The federal government provides many services for citizens. They usually require implementation at the state or local government level. These programs are structured as federal-state partnerships for which federal grants are provided.  The grants fall into various categories, including competitive, pass-through, continuation, or formula grants.  Formula grants are economic aids or fundings that are distributed …

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10 Quick Examples of Social Phenomena

Examples of Social Phenomena

Why do you like certain foods and not others? Do you like the ideas of Luther King? Who taught you some table manners? All these ideas and opinions were shaped by other people or experiences, either consciously or as part of your learning process. Those influences that helped shape your opinions and behaviors are called …

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10 Cultural Convergence Examples in Real Life

Cultural Convergence Examples in Real Life

Have you ever found yourself blending nicely into another culture even though it is foreign to you?  Cultural convergence is a process where cultures that come into contact tend to become similar with increasing interaction. It causes members of either culture to embrace elements of the other culture and make them part of their own. …

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5 Kurt Lewin Model of Change Examples

Kurt Lewin Model of Change Examples

Change is an integral part of life and the environment. However, in organizations, change needs to be introduced in a more purposeful and predictable way. Kurt Lewin’s model of change is a systematic way of implementing change. It’s based on the fact that change cannot be introduced at once or too quickly. Therefore, it is …

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7 Examples of Proxemics in Everyday Life

Examples of Proxemics in Everyday Life

How jealously do you guard your personal space? In psychology, proxemics studies how personal space is defined and practiced in many cultures.  Different cultures around the world apply personal space differently producing a wide variety of perspectives. The result is that people unconsciously protect their personal space in ways that are quite different depending on …

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8 Coercive Power Examples in Everyday Life

Have you ever wondered why some people have more ability to influence other people’s behavior than others? It is due to an uneven social system where some people wield more social power while others don’t. This is a kind of social interaction where some people can produce conformity from others even if they resist them. …

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