10 Examples of Net Force in Real Life

Net Force

QUICK DEFINITION: Net force is the overall force acting on an object, determined by combining all individual forces acting upon it. It influences the object’s motion, direction, and acceleration, reflecting the sum of all applied forces. EXPLANATION: An object at rest or in motion has different forces acting on it. A book on a table …

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10 Kinetic Energy Examples at Home

Kinetic Energy Examples at Home

Kinetic energy sounds like a complex concept. However, it is actually quite simple. In fact, we encounter kinetic energy every day. In order to understand kinetic energy, you must first understand what energy is. Energy is the force that an object applies. It is the ability or capacity to do work. There are different forms …

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8 Real-Life Examples of Compressional Waves

Real-Life Examples of Compressional Waves

QUICK DEFINITION: Compressional waves, also known as longitudinal waves, transmit energy by causing particles to oscillate parallel to the direction of wave propagation, typically seen in sound waves and seismic vibrations. EXPLANATION: Compression and rarefaction are just like siblings. That’s because they stay right next to each other as neighbors in longitudinal waves.  When we …

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Rarefaction Examples in Real Life

DEFINITION: Rarefaction refers to the region in a longitudinal wave where particles are spread apart, creating a decrease in density. It occurs between compressions and is a phase of wave propagation. EXPLANATION: Waves are energy vibrations that are transmitted through a medium.  However, the direction in which these waves vibrate can make all the difference.  …

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10 Examples of Compound Machines in the Kitchen

Examples of Compound Machines in the Kitchen

DEFINITION: Compound machines are complex systems made of multiple simple machines working together to perform tasks. They leverage the combined mechanical advantages of various components to accomplish specific functions or actions. EXPLANATION: Machines can be either simple or compound. Simple Machines Simple machines are machines in their simplest forms. They work through the application of …

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10 Examples of Contact Forces in Real Life

Examples of Contact Forces in Real Life

DEFINITION: Contact forces are interactions between objects in direct physical contact, generating forces through direct touch or contact. EXPLANATION: When it comes to forces, you can pick from two flavors:  contact forces or non-contact forces. All forces either belong to one or the other.  By their names, we already have a clue of what they …

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12 Third Class Lever Examples

Third Class Lever Examples

Levers are simple machines. They form the basis of many of the tools we use in our day-to-day lives. Levers have three basic components: the effort, fulcrum or pivot, and load. Effort is applied to a lever at one point to move a load that is at another point on the lever. The force of …

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